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Unravel and Break Free from Trauma

Dezarae Delacruz-Jones represents the type of person who makes it easier to “Love Lansing” She embodies love, service, and compassion. Jones is a fulltime working mother of nine-yes, I said NINE- children. To know Dezarae is love her.

Dezarae was born and raised in Lansing, Michigan, and grew up on the northside. Some may know of her, from “Famous Taco” started by her Grandparents, Francisco and Rosa Delacruz. They later passed on the restaurant to their son, Fred Delacruz. Dezarae started working in the family restaurant at age thirteen. She dabbled in food service for a while, she even did a stint of catering. Dezarae also tried her hand in the medical field. Although she excelled in other areas as far as her career, it was clear after landing the position at “Southside Community Coalition” she was now walking in her purpose. Dezarae desired to do work within the community that would make a significant impact, she was able to do that working as Lead Teacher for the Empowering Youth Today Program. She helps educate youth about the importance to avoiding risky behaviors.

In addition to her working fulltime within the community, Dezarae has also helped to create change by birthing a new book, “Unravel and Break Free from Trauma.” This book is meant to help, empower, uplift, and assist both men and women who battle with childhood trauma and desire to break free. Dezarae Delacruz-Jones offers a powerful story that exposes the ugliness of depression, abuse, brokenness and a desire to overcome. Writing this book was a big part of Dezarae breaking free from the pain of the past. She says that everything concerning the book fell in the right place at the right time. She experienced the process of overcoming and wants others to know they can do the same;

We can all “Unravel and Break Free from Trauma!”

Dezarae is married to her husband, Anthony Jones, and has a blended family of nine children. They currently reside in East Lansing, Michigan.  Currently simultaneously is pursuing the completion of both a BA in Social Work and a MA in Counseling from Spring Arbor University. The antedated year of graduation is 2021. To contact Dezarae for a speaking engagement or to order a copy of her book please visit

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