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What a Multi-Specialty Clinic Can Do for Your Health Care Needs

Courtesy of Mclaren

Did you know? McLaren Greater Lansing has a clinic that’s ready for you with appointments available within weeks, instead of months.

Offering internal medicine, along with obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) services for adults, McLaren Greater Lansing’s Multi-Specialty Clinic can serve a wide variety of patients’ needs, all in one place.

“The McLaren Multi-Specialty Clinic sees all adult patients, and can treat complex medical conditions such as diabetes, hypertension, COPD, orthopedic issues, heart disease, stroke, asthma, depression and many others,” said Ann Sims, McLaren Greater Lansing Multi-Specialty Clinic Manager. “We also offer services including immunizations, joint injections, A1C testing and EKG, in addition to basic primary care.”

McLaren’s Multi-Specialty Clinic includes care from a talented team of resident physicians under the guidance of expert attending doctors. Resident physicians are doctors who have completed medical school and received their medical degrees but are not yet licensed to practice independently.

“Our patients meet with a resident physician alongside an attending doctor who provides a team-based approach to their care,” said Aaron Bohrer, DO, internal medicine specialist and program director at the McLaren Greater Lansing Multi-Specialty Clinic. “Through this program, we provide our patients with broad primary care and focus on preventative care.” The clinic can care for pregnant patients from their initial visit through delivery, with resident and attending physicians who are experienced in working with high-risk patients. Other services include in-office procedures such as colposcopy, IUD insertion, Nexplanon placement and nonstress tests, along with a urogynecology clinic that offers help for issues such as incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse.

The Multi-Specialty Clinic can also work with patients who are interested in learning more about lifestyle medicine.

“Lifestyle medicine focuses on support outside of medications such as diet, exercise, and stress management,” said Dr. Bohrer. “We have a great program here where our resident physicians can be board-certified in lifestyle medicine and work with our patients who can benefit from this approach.”

The Multi-Specialty Clinic recently moved to its new location, at 3220 Discovery Drive, Suite 200, on June 26, 2023, at the new Izzo Family Medical Center building. The facility, located on the McLaren Greater Lansing Health Care Campus within the University Health Park, brings a modern feel while in a close proximity to other medical services.

“We are now centrally located to other outpatient care services within the McLaren system and the hospital, so our patients can get additional care that may be needed close by, such as lab and imaging services,” said Sims.

The Izzo Family Medical Center is also home to the MSU Health Care at McLaren Greater Lansing Outpatient Imaging Center that includes extended hours and the latest advances in radiology technology.

For more information on the McLaren Greater Lansing’s Multi-Specialty Clinic, click here. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Bohrer, call (517) 975-8910.

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