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Girl’s Destined for Greatness: The Girl’s Entrepreneur Expo, 2018  Lansing’s T-Rose Foundation

On Sunday, April 22, 2018, the T-Rose Foundation and Skin So Sweet will host their premiere Michigan-based “Girl’s Entrepreneur Expo 2018”. The Expo will take place at the Boys and Girls Club, 1600 Tireman Street, Detroit, MI between the hours of 2:00 and 5:00 pm.

As the presenting sponsor, T-Rose Foundation is “Proud to bring the Girls Entrepreneur Expo to Michigan after joining the Chicago expo in October, 2017.” Theresa Randleman, Founder/ CEO said. “The collaboration between Skin So Sweet and the Foundation to present the Entrepreneur Expo 2018 in Detroit, Michigan, was developed immediately after the showcase.”

This collaboration will welcome female entrepreneurs, aged 17 and under, to showcase their products/brand to the public. In addition to vendors selling their products, they will seize the platform to share their entrepreneurial visions with attendees.

Randleman said, “the Expo will host two award-winning guest speakers.” They include Elizabeth Mays of MCS Multimedia and Randleman, President/CEO of the T-Rose Foundation. Each speaker will share acquired knowledge and encouraging words to young entrepreneurs and attendees participating in the Expo.

Expo participants include Correspondent Andreana Beard, Abigail Johnson of Abby’s Promise, Seret McCarthy, Jewelry Maker and Aniya Floyd of A’s Scrubs and Rubs,

There is no charge for Expo vendors and attendance is open to the public. Both vendors and participants must register online at under the events tab. However, vendor tables are available on a first come, first served basis.

According to Deola Gaiter, CEO, “Skin So Sweet is a Chicago-based, non-profit product and brand that builds confidence and inspires young ladies to ‘live their lives with passion and encourages entrepreneurship.” Ms. Gaiter is the creator of the concept of “Girl’s Entrepreneur Expo”. It is her brainchild.

The mission of the Girl’s Entrepreneur Expo is “to directly influence the lives of teens and young adults by teaching essential life skills and useful social skills. We recognize the great potential of our youth and we vow to help them build healthy lifestyles, positive self-esteem and thriving communities.”

For more information please contact

The T-Rose Foundation is a Michigan-based, philanthropic organization providing support to organizations with aspirations to build a strong, healthy, positive future for our youth.

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