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5 Unique Gifts for Fans of Interior Design

5 Unique Gifts for Fans of Interior Design

Thoughtful interior design is one way to turn a house into a home, as it allows people to show their personality through how they decorate. If you have a friend who loves interior design, you might want to get them one of these unique gifts for the holidays.


Artwork can fill up a space and make it interesting. Purchasing artwork for a friend, however, can seem a little stressful, as taste in art is highly individualized. If your friend already has a local artist whose work they enjoy, consider purchasing one of their pieces for your friend. But because artwork can be quite expensive, if you don’t already know exactly what piece they would like, play it safe and ask your friend their preferences.

Board Games

You might be wondering how a board game is a unique gift for your friend who is a fan of interior design. Most board games come in bright colors that can clash with the stylistic choices of a home. However, there are luxury board games that look beautiful and fit in with any surroundings. Often made of high-quality materials and in earthy colors, these board games accent a home and add to its cozy, fun atmosphere.

Custom Mirror

A custom mirror is especially perfect for your interior design friend who has zany style, as you can order a mirror in shapes and colors your friend wouldn’t be able to find at any home goods store. This gift gives you the opportunity to give your friend something wholly unique and personalized, which is why a custom mirror makes the perfect holiday gift.


Interior design extends to every area of a home, especially dishware. Finding the right dishware involves combining art and functionality. As such, you might consider purchasing a sculptural decanter that looks stunning and will be useful to your friend. Moreover, if your friend loves to host, you can also gift them handmade serving bowls or a hand-carved charcuterie board.

With the holidays right around the corner, gifts are on many people’s minds. If you are buying for a friend who loves interior design, consider buying them these gifts to show how much you know and care about them.

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