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A Look In The Mirror - Carter G Woodson (1875 to 1950) Educator and Philosopher

Woodson was a historian, journalist, and author who pioneered the study of the history of African-Americans. He was also one of the first individuals to extensively study the diaspora.

In 1916, Woodson established the journal Negro History. He has been regarded as the "Father of Black History." In 1926, he launched the Negro History Week, which would serve as the precursor to Black History Month. He was also instrumental in the development of Afrocentrism, as he believed that people of African descent should be at the center of historical studies.

When he was a young man, Woodson put off his education to work in West Virginia's coal mines. After graduating from a local college, he became a school administrator and teacher. After earning his graduate degrees at Chicago's University of Chicago, he became the second African-American after Du Bois to receive a Ph.D. from Harvard University.

He was the only individual in the US who was able to get a PhD in history after his parents were enslaved. He taught at various historically black universities, such as West Virginia State University and Howard University. He also managed the American Society for African-American History and Literature.

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