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Author and mom of 9 creates grassroots publishing company, producing 30 authors within a year

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

In February of 2022, Dezarae Delacruz-Jones, author and mom of a blended family of 9, created and founded her own publishing company "Author Overnight Publication and Design" to help women write and publish their stories. In just 8 months, she has published 30 authors.

Delacruz-Jones said, “It has little to do with me. We all have stories. No matter who you are, you have something of value to share with the world.”

In 2020, she published her experiences as a young girl growing up in Lansing in the book "Unravel and Break Free from Trauma." She attended Lansing's Eastern High School, and her family owned and operated a notable local restaurant chain, Famous Taco, first opened by her late grandmother. Growing up in an entrepreneurial family and following other creative business notions throughout her life, Delacruz-Jones says the launch of her publishing house was organic and true to her passions.

After owning both an apparel and a consulting/coaching business at different times in her life, she senses that this endeavor "is different."

On balancing her aspirations while juggling the wants and needs of her family, Delacruz-Jones said, “These days, I find my peace and self-care doing what I love, helping others to share their stories.”

After her first book was published, she felt that it fell short of her creative expectations. Upon reexamination, she felt it inadequately communicated her voice. She wanted to ensure that other aspiring authors were published with more authenticity.

Delacruz-Jones remembers thinking, “Once I publish, I had no idea what to do from here.”

Because her author experience lacked the guidance, support, and coaching she believe she needed an author, this unique business was born. In her publishing business, she ensures that her authors are well-supported, well-coached, and valued.

Along with publishing authors on Amazon and various other platforms, she also founded and leads an international virtual community, “Sis, Get Up," consisting of over 2000 women. Sometime this month, (November 2022), she plans to launch an additional exclusive group for her published authors.

With that membership, folks can expect to gain daily encouragement, motivation, business insights, and marketing strategies to help on their publication journey.

When asked, "what should people know during this time?" Delacruz-Jones replied emphatically, “Your gifts and your talents are needed.”

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