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Calls for Purdue NW chancellor Thomas Keon to resign after he mocked Asian language at commencement

via NBC

One concerned student took to the internet to say:

I am writing to you all today in regard to the statement made by Chancellor Keon at the graduation ceremony on December 10th. Purdue Northwest has been continuously stating that they are a diverse, equitable, and inclusive campus, yet Chancellor Keon comfortably but horrifically mocked Asians at the December 10th, 2022 graduation ceremony whilst Asian hate is on the rise. I urge you to look at what he said and deeply recognize what effect this will have on the diverse communities at Purdue Northwest. For all of the communities — we need to fight back. We need to resist. We need to resign Chancellor Keon for the sake of our worldly community.

It seems that these views are shared by many, as there has been a public call to resign the chancellor following the commencement ceremony on Dec. 10 2022.


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