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Court Rules in favor of Anti-gay Marriage Baker

Does it strike a blow against gay marriage or is it just a reaffirmation of religious freedom?

The opinions are mixed today after a judge in California ruled in favor of a bakery shop owner who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple because she said it was against her Christian beliefs.

Cathy Miller, the owner of ‘Tastries Bakery’ in Bakersfield was sued by a state agency that claimed she violated California’s anti-discrimination law. Last Friday, a Superior Court judge ruled that Miller acted lawfully while upholding her Christian teachings about marriage.

After the ruling, Miller called it a First Amendment victory. And she told a Bakersfield newspaper, “I’m hoping that in our community we can grow together…we should understand that we shouldn’t push any agenda against anyone else.”

Interesting comment given the fact that her Christian, anti-gay marriage stance prompted the lawsuit.

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