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Cultured Kombucha Co. Expands Retail Footprint

Graphic by Charity Treat

Local kombucha co. expands mission with Spartan Nash stores.

Traverse City-based Cultured Kombucha Co.’s assorted flavors of ready to drink kombucha can now be found at all 85 Michigan Spartan Nash stores—a partnership that has expanded the company’s retail outlets and allows Michiganders across the state to access a locally produced, certified organic kombucha tea.

Cultured Kombucha Co.’s core product line launches from Spartan stores shelves as of Friday, Sept 8th. Each store will feature four fan favorite flavors of Cultured Kombucha offered year round. Customers can purchase the kombucha teas in individual bottles for MSRP $3.99 and can find the bottles in the produce department. Handcrafted in northern Michigan, Cultured Kombucha features organic, Michigan-grown ingredients in easy to sip flavors.

“This partnership with Spartan Nash is a great opportunity to expand our company mission to help consumers make healthier lifestyle choices - one sip at a time,” said Courtney Lorenz, founder of Cultured Kombucha Co. “We’re thrilled to provide easily accessible and affordable kombucha tea to every corner of the state. This is an incredible opportunity to increase healthy food access in the state of Michigan with the help of Spartan stores.”

Cultured Kombucha Co. products can be found at all D&W Fresh, Family Fare, VG’s Grocery, and assorted Independent Spartan stores throughout Michigan.

About Cultured Kombucha Co.

Cultured Kombucha Co. was founded in 2015 as the first microbrewery of kombucha tea in Northern Michigan. Their tart, sweet and bubbly tea creates a probiotic health beverage focused on nourishing your body from the inside out. Cultured kombucha is certified organic, certified vegan, and certified women owned. Their unique kombucha flavors are minimally processed to bring you the most pure kombucha possible. For more information, please visit or follow on Facebook at @CulturedKombucha.

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