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Did You Know???

There was a Gallup study done a few years ago that found black graduates of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) more likely to be thriving in a number of areas of their lives than black graduates from Predominately White Institutions (PWIs).

HBCUs make up only 3% of the country's colleges and universities, and yet they enroll 10% of all African-American students and produce nearly 20% of all African-American graduates.

Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the U.S. are battling a number of challenges, including declining enrollment numbers and lower-than-average graduation and retention rates. Despite these challenges, the Gallup study revealed that black grads of HBCUs are more likely than black grads of PWIs to be thriving -- strong, consistent and progressing -- in a number of areas of their lives, particularly in their financial and purpose well-being.

% Black U.S. college graduates who reported thriving in each element of well-being:

HBCU PWI Difference

Purpose Well-Being 51 43 -8

Social Well-Being 54 48 -6

Financial Well-Being 40 29 -11

Community Well-Being 42 38 -4

Physical Well-Being 33 28 -5

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