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My Favorite Places in Lansing in the Spring

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With the weather warming up, it is time to step outside more! I love the transition that springs brings, and with May it is starting to feel like consistent warm weather is just around the corner. May always seems to bring the first day you peel off a jacket to feel the sun on your arm and the promise that summer weather is around the corner in June. It’s also the month where people start to roll down their car windows to feel the spring air and enjoy the absence of a winter chill.

Over the years, I’ve found myself visiting some of the same places in Lansing over and over again, and most of these places I discovered on a weekend in May. The neighborhood is named after the REO Motor Car Company which used to build cars in the area of my favorite places that I have discovered in recent years is Reo Town. Reo Town is just south of downtown and features new businesses. The Robin Theater is one my favorite spots in Reo Town and they host regular poetry readings, shows, and open mic nights. Reo Town also has a great coffee shop on the corner called MI Blue Owl Coffee that has outdoor seating and frequently has iced and hot non alcoholic inspired by a certain ingredient or season called coffee cocktails. I’ve always had a great experience at MI Blue Owl Coffee, and it’s a place I always stop by when I spending time in ReoTown.

Lastly, I have found some natural spots that I really enjoy going to when I just want to get a breath of fresh air. One of my favorite places also is the river, I recently went fishing with my grandmother and her caretaker off of Moores River Drive and it was so beautiful watching the sunset set on the river. There are also spots that you can park in and look out at the river. While we were there, many people pulled into one of the spots to listen to music and pass some time or take a phone call. There is even a small park just across the road that I saw a few families take their kids too. I’m looking forward to discovering more of what Lansing has. Even in the challenging times we are in, I’m in awe of the businesses that have innovated to continue to make their offers available. I’m also in awe of all the natural beauty we have in Lansing and that is available just taking a step outside our door.

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