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Slaves, immigrants, translators, Slave Owners, and business partners. There is this simplistically insane mythology that suggests for reasons beyond logic that ALL BLACK PEOPLE IN AMERICA ARE DESCENDED FROM SLAVES! Let me be clear with the hurtful and blunt truth—THEY ARE NOT!! Oh wait, did I just upset you?!


Herschel Walker recently made the point that all black peoples don’t deserve Repatriations for slavery, and immediately black peoples attacked him like Tiger Sharks smelling the blood of their own! No one listened or researched his arguments because, there is this inherent reasoning that most have that black people are owed something for slavery and discrimination they have endured by white Americans throughout the history of this country and to the present day. Yes, of course, the DIRECT DESCENDANTS OF SLAVES should get reparations for the treatment of their ancestors, but what about those descended from the African slave translators, the African slave trainers, the African slave Owners, and the African immigrants?! They have brown skin as well, but they were NEVER SLAVES!! It seems to escape logic to black people that the slaves wanted to "run north to freedom!" Why run North instead of West? Oh, wait, that’s because they knew thanks to the Resident Need-to-Grow that observed Free Africans and African immigrants walking free in fine clothes with whites and spoke well and interacted with them cordially. Freedom was in the North, but these Resident Need-To-Grows could not comprehend the concept of African Immigrants, nor did they know that just like the Slave Master. Many of these "Northern Free Blacks" owned the plantations and slaves that the white men managed and leased. How could they know? The business was a foreign concept to them beyond the Negro-See-Aid-Son of asking for a break in the fields, more scraps to feed their family, or begging for forgiveness instead of getting the lash from a whip.

Let me put this in simplistic comprehensive language that people can understand now that they have started calling me a Coon in their heads! If you have three children and you reward your children for academic excellence. You’re not going to give the child a D+ student the $100 reward you give the A+ student while telling the C- student "good job" and giving them a $20 bonus for trying! Even clearer to the fact, can we justify a reason to reward the D+ student at all?! Should the D+ student expect $100 just because they are your child and have never made an effort to do anything but is continuously saying you are discriminating against them and they should get $100 for no other reason than you are their parent!

The United States owes a huge debt to its African American residents because of the mistreatment, murders, rapes, and oppression these people have endured; there is absolutely no doubt about this. However, precisely what type of restitution should be given? Money? Land? Scholarship? All of the above? Think about the logistics of such a task put on a Government that unbeknownst to the ordinary people has factual evidence and information of WHO IS A DESCENDANT OF SLAVES or at least a good idea because the U.S. Government ceased not only Southern lands at the end of the Civil War, but the slaveholders had to relinquish their books and receipts as well as ownership papers of their slaves.

Now, realize that just as the men raped their female slaves or held them as concubines. There were female slave owners that slept with their male slaves. We know that those bi-racial children were treated better, but we forgot that those bi-racial children were forbidden to interact with the slave's children, and those that were of the fairest skin, lightest eyes, and straightest hair were often lied to and raised as white. In this, they often married and gave birth to their tri-racial children that eventually became "white with exotic features." You all remember that racist Klan member that took a D.N.A. test and found out he was Black! Imagine that less than 6% of the Black people get reparations for being descended from slaves, but 2.9% of the white population get reparations! A total and complete logistical nightmare complete with sparks lead to an uprising of protests against these newly financially rewarded people who turn into a civil war against each other! If young black men kill each other over social media posts, young women of promiscuity, and city blocks they don’t own. What will they do when they see some black and white peoples get, say, half a million dollars, and they get NOTHING!


In the year 1989, another summer! Bam! sound of the Funky Drummer...Uhm, oh...I got off track. Forgive me! In the year 1989, the height of consciousness and self-awareness of Black youth born in the 70s was enlightenment! The hip hop group Public Enemy had released the most poignant song since its underground hit, "Rebel Without a Pause" in the form of the title track for director Spike Lee's "Do The Right Thing," which was "Fight the Power," which quickly became a youth anthology and call to unity among the black youth which was quickly followed by a coalition of East Coast top hip hop artists releasing the single, "Self-Destruction" which were both a call to squash the uprising in violence related to the crack cocaine and drugs wars in black communities. Not to be left out, West Coast rappers came together to release their unification message to gangs, "We're all in the Same Gang!"

There was a slight surge in blacks enrolling for college and entrepreneurship, marriage, and the black community seemed to slowly start healing itself. That was until the world and country realized what would happen when the Nation of Islam, Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, called for the Million Man March on Washington in October of 1995! The estimation was that at least 1.2 million black men showed up from all over the country in an unprecedented show of peace, love, and unity. This rang out as a nuclear bomb that put fear in Congress, Corporate America, and white far right-wing extremists used to see the diminishing prowess of the black community. Did Minister Farrakhan have this much power? Was he going to be the next Malcolm or Martin?! How can this new awakening be stopped?!

The issue solved itself thanks to the ambitious moves of a hungry young record executive that wanted to help his first significant artist, Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace pushes him at the time already released album "Ready to Die" to the forefront of youth in America via heavy rotation of his first video, "Juicy' on both MTV and B.E.T. Along with pushing heavy rotations of 2Pac's, "All eyes on Me," suddenly the shift in focus of young black men was no longer the healing of their community, but which "Coast" had the best "Hustler turned rapper" in America. The controversy fueled by allegations of infidelity, gang representation, and the introduction to the birth of “Bling!” By the year 2000, it was all but apparent that with the help of traditional media of the time, “The Movement” of consciousness was transformed into the movement of “Big Pimpin’ and spending cheese!" By 2004 there were no longer messages in the media supporting unity, uplifting hope, and abolishing years of oppression. The black youth was now focused on "Backing that thang up" and being "in da club!" Between 2002-08, the message in young black America was turned to the focus of "wearing the crown" via the dramatic stories of black drug kingpins Avon Barksdale and Marlow Stansfield on HBO's, "The Wire." Black excellence was seemingly pulled back into the black hole with no hope until a young Senator from Illinois looked at his wife and said, "Michelle, Hold my beer..."

To be continued...

~The Alpha Nerd

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