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Visual Artist Sera Reneé Gives Pieces of Herself: Completes 365 Consecutive Days of Body Painting

(Lansing, MI) – It took an entire revolution around the sun, but Michigan based Artist Sera Reneé, (formally known as Sarah Reneé Sanders), has completed her “Pieces of Me” Project, a 365-day, self-growth face/body paint project that started January 1, 2022, and ended on December 31, 2022. Each day, Sera would create a new face/body paint, and then present it to the public via her social media platforms, specifically Instagram & Facebook. The paintings were based on different concepts revolving around things related to the artist’s day. This could be an emotion, inspiration, or even an art concept or style that Sera wanted to work on. "Think of it like a unique journal/sketchbook, only on my face,” said Sera. “It was my way of documenting how I felt for the day, something that was important to me that day, or an idea for something I can look back on." All 365 paints can be viewed via the artist’s website at

Sera decided to create “Pieces of Me" to document her growth as an artist & a person. "Doing a project where you document yourself everyday gives you a different understanding of time,” said Sera. “It makes you mindful of how time blends into the reality of seaming fast while actually moving incredibly slow, and vice versa." The project also gave Sera the opportunity to create art when she wasn’t in a creative mindset. “When you do art as a career, you sometimes have to create art even when you’re not inspired to,” says Sera. “Some days were a breeze, and other days it was trudging through with everything on my shoulders, but I didn't quit. I would be lying if I said I didn't want to quit some days, but that wasn't an option.”

One of the most impressive things about the project, aside from its artistic excellence, is the dedication it took to actually create a new face/body paint each and every day. In addition to her paintings, throughout the year, Sera had to battle through illnesses, the ending of a relationship, organizing & founding the Rooted Reverence Festival in Mason along with her colleague Poet Morgan Madden, working part time for a local small business, artistic commissions, travel for events, events themselves, as well as the struggles that come with everyday life. Someone had asked Sera if she had paints already done & photographed for this project, so she would have something to post publicly each day, just in case she got sick or something. “I did not,” said Sera. “It wasn't about what was displayed to the public, I didn’t even announce that I was doing the project publicly. It was about the authenticity within myself. So I didn't allow myself to do that. I would paint a new piece everyday no matter what." Sera continued, “On August 26th, I literally got up early to do a paint because I had a colonoscopy scheduled for later that morning and didn’t know what condition I’d be in to do the paint afterward.” No matter how she felt, no matter her schedule, or how her day went, whatever happened, Sera’s day was not completed until her paint was completed & documented for the day. "There was also a period this year where I had a horrible case of Strep C. It didn't stop me. I still created and pushed through though it was incredibly hard. But now I know in myself, if I really want to do something, I'm the only thing standing in my way." Upon completion of “Pieces of Me”, Sera decided it will set up her next artistic endeavor that she will call “Sides of Me”, which will debut in 2023.

To view all 365 paintings of the “Pieces of Me” project, visit:


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