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Leadership Revisited

Kevin L. Parker is the President and Owner of Frontline Leadership Training & Development Services. Which is an organization that focuses on equipping, empowering and educating leaders. He is known for his down to earth and practical approach to leadership. Kevin is a professional trainer, workshop facilitator, and conference/keynote speaker. He served in the role of Executive/Administrative Leader of a non -profit organizations for over 5 years, where he helped train and developed 25+ department leaders and helped organize and manage nearly 200 volunteers. It is Kevin's desire to see everyone reach his or her maximum potential. Kevin is a graduate of Detroit, Northwestern High School. He holds a Bachelor of Science from Kentucky State University. He has over twenty years of professional computer programming and project management experience. He is a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. Kevin is a Certified Life Coach and has a Leadership Certificate from Belmont University. Kevin is the author of “Leadership Revisited”. This book gives a new and fresh look at leading effectively in the 21st Century. The book covers topics like balanced living, true leadership, resilience, and a host of leadership survival principles. Kevin has spoken at several youth events, conferences, events and conducted workshops locally and abroad. The Parent Leadership Conference, Church Solutions Conference, the Student Leadership Conference, and the Troy Non-Profit Management Conference are some of the conferences that Kevin has ignited Topics Include! Leaders and he is looking forward to igniting the leader in you.

If you would like to contact Kevin about a training session or speaking engagement please feel free to email him at or visit his website at

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