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When It Comes to Wind Power for Alternative Energy, the Chinese Aren’t Playin’ Around

With a salute to the great singer/songwriter Bob Dylan -- the answer, my friend, to energy independence in China, maybe blowin’ in the wind!

Reportedly, the Chinese city of Chaozhou (Chow-Zo) is about to build an offshore wind farm so big, it could power all of Norway, the Scandinavian country of nearly 6 million people.

Chaozhou, in Guangdong Province, has a unique offshore topography that creates gusty seas ideal for harvesting wind energy.

Capable of running the turbines about half of the year, the wind farm will be located about between 47 and 115 miles off the city’s coast.

China is really big on wind power. Last year, the country installed more wind energy resources than the rest of the world combined over the past 5 years!

Photo courtesy of Good News

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